Thursday, June 08, 2006

One... Two... Three...

Parker had another milestone happen today. Parker moved from his number two diaper to a number three. Now, again, we are not sure how much the little monkey has gained since leaving the hospital, but I do know he is more active since leaving and has increased his appetite quite remarkably. It is not to say that the number two diapers were not working, but as the bib says, this kid likes to eat... Actually, it was more of a comfort thing. As a sales associate had put it to me once at a reputable men's clothing store, Parker has graduated to the next pant size!

Parker has continued to take advantage of every second he has in his exersaucer. He is able to stay in it for longer periods of time and now takes advantage of quite a few of the toys attached to it. He is becoming quite good at moving the pages in his plastic book. Actually, his hand and eye control has improved vastly since coming home and being introduced to his Baby Einstein exersaucer. We have placed rattles on the exersaucer and he regularly picks them up and bangs them against the different toys. He has also been able to transfer what he has learned in his exersaucer to his aquarium bouncer. At the hospital (a week ago), Parker never touched the fish on the bouncer but today he was reaching out and grabbing them. Transferable skills.

What I also like about his exersaucer is that I can place a video on the TV and he will stand there and watch it as he plays with his rattle. Now, I know a lot of parents are anti-television for children, but I am definately not. I think it is important to get lots of different kinds of stimulation. There are only two shows that I have Parker watch regularly and those are Baby Einstein and our whole families favourite, The Backyardigans. Parker loves the dancing, colours, and the music in the Backyardigans. As for Baby Einstein, it allows me to sit and watch it with him. I bought Parker the Baby Einstein about the planets and stars. I really enjoy telling Parker about the what he is watching. You can't expect me not to push a little bit of science on my son. I am sorry, but after taking four years of physics you get a little bit obsessed.

Lastly, Parker is going to Clinic tomorrow. It is our first clinic so we are not completely sure what we should expect. We do know that he is getting his ADAGEN shot tomorrow. I know that we will be seeing the dietician, a doctor will most likely examine him, they will take some blood, and he will get weighed. We think the occupational therapist is to see Parker, and a flow cytometry test may be ordered to check what his lymphocyte numbers are. It will definately be a full day tomorrow.


Natalie said...

Wow Little Parker sounds like such a busy day for you! I hope that the clinic is as easy as pie!

I love your bib....I love cookies too! Especially chocolate chip....have you tried those yet? I bet you will love them!

Have a wonderful day little one! Say Hi to your Mommy and Daddy for me!

Auntie Natalie xoxo

Funny Face said...

Hey Parker!

Love the bib!!!! I think we all have days where that bib would come in handy.

Well it sounds like you have a big day ahead of you today, so I sure hope you got lots of sleep last night.

Good luck today and I am sure all will go well.

Say hi to Mommy and Daddy and give them a big hug for us!

Love ya kid!

Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Allyson said...

Parker-next to me own kid-you are the cutest guy around-seriously-that smile melts my heart! Congrats on the diaper exchange-nice work!