Monday, June 12, 2006

Hanging Out With Mom!

Parker spent a good portion of his day with his mommy. I had a long day at work today so mommy was in charge of Parker's exercises. I got to see my little friend when I got home and I wanted to spend it singing and dancing with him. So I made up a song and sang it as we bounced around the kitchen and family room.

I believe that I had mentioned that Parker was making some kissing noises with his mouth a couple of days ago. After closer observations, we think that Parker may be teething. If he is, he is handling it very well. I think after having so many needles and I.V. pokes a little teething does not bother him so much. That said, I do feel bad for the little guy.

Now, I know that most people already know about the benefit concert for Parker this Friday evening but I thought I would put a little reminder out to everyone. Doors open at 8pm on Friday at the Rivoli. For more specific information check out Playing For Parker on the side bar to the right.

I spoke with CHIN today and they were very anxious to help our Parker. They were extremely nice and I would like to thank them very much for wanting to take the time to help our family.

Parker goes for his ADAGEN injection tomorrow. The dosage is to be increased from 200U to 220U. When it was started just over a month ago, his dosage was 180U. With his increasing weight, the dosage has increased as well. In addition, to the injection, I have requested that some blood be taken to check his neutrophil levels. Parker's neutrophils are to be closely monitored while on Septra, a medication that is a precautionary measure for PCP pneumonia. We should find out later tomorrow what the neutrophil count is. Check back tomorrow night to see what it is.


Allyson said...

Keep up the good work Parker. Tell your Mom and Dad that icebuddies are AWESOME for teething babes!

Natalie said...

Hi there Parker!

I am looking forward to your concert on Friday! We will be singing and dancing up a storm in honour of the sweetest baby in the world!

Have a good day tomorrow at the hospital!

Auntie Natalie