Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Take Some... Give Some

So Parker had his Tuesday visit to Sick Kid's today. He gave some blood so that a CBC (Complete Blood Count) could be completed. He also took his injection of PEG-ADA today.

I should probably begin by letting everyone know the results of the blood test. Parker's neutrophils are up. That is nice since we worry that he may become neutropenic being on the Septra. Everything else is pretty much unchanged from the week before. That said, Parker's IGG(immuno gammaglobulin) level was taken. He normaly receives an IGG infusion every six weeks or so. His level has steadily been coming done since his last infusion. It is currently at the normal level which means he will be due for an infusion in the next week. When he gets an infusion of IGG they increase it to a level much higher than normal since they anticipate it to go down.

We have noticed that Parker has started to eat less than we have been accustomed to. We were used to him eating over 1000 mL a day but he has eaten less than 900 mL the past two days. I am not really worried about this since he has gained weight so quickly the past three months. In my opinion, and others, his weight gain needs to slow down a bit. My wife and I have talked it over and I believe that we are going to try and let Parker regulate when he wants to eat. We have been accustomed to feeding him before he begins to cry, but that will change as of tomorrow.

I have decided that feeding Parker rice cereal is an extremely messy event. Today, when we fed Parker, he had rice cereal all over his face. He laughed at us as we tried to get the spoon of cereal in to his mouth. We decided to finally bring down his highchair from upstairs for him to sit in once in a while. He quite enjoyed it. I think it is because we put toys on it instead of trying to feed him in it. Regardless, he was quite content being there.

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coolauntiekatie said...

Hiya Parkerpants!!

It was so nice to finally see you again on the weekend. You look so happy! I'm sure that you're probably watching your favourite episode of the Backyardigans right now. It's a beautiful day outside, I hope you get to go for a walk.

Love ya lots and lots,
Auntie Kate xo