Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Together Again

When Parker went into isolation we were told that he was not allowed to have fuzzy, stuffed animals. Apparently they are a breeding ground for germs. Before going to isolation Parker had quite a few friends that were stuffed animals. They had spent quite a bit of time together on the General Paedeatric Unit (7D). Daddy had even made some movies with his friends and Parker. It not only entertained Parker but everyone that walked by his room. But of all of those friends, there was one that had spent the most time with Parker. One that had been there right from the beginning. Parker's best friend, Monkey.

Today, I decided that after cleaning Monkey thoroughly the two could have a reunion. Now, at seven weeks of age, there is not too much Parker was able to do with his friend. Grabbing and holding objects was not one of Parker's strengths. Now that Parker is coming up to his fifth month he is able to do a whole lot more. Actually, I feel a little bad for Monkey since I think Parker had him in a head lock about to take a bite out of his head before I told them to play nice.

Up to now, this blog only contained images and stories of Parker after going into isolation but I thought I would post an image of Parker from Centennary in Scarborough with his friend Monkey.

Now, the Toronto Star had done two excellent articles on Parker but recently the Peterborough Examiner and the Correire Canadese also did wonderful articles. Well, I am guessing the Canadese did as my Italian consists of me throwing each word into an italian-to-english translator. You can imagine how it may not exactly come out as it was intended. That said, it gives me something in Italian to read each day. Something that I have to do if I am going to be fluent in Italian by the time we go to Milano.


Natalie said...

Hello My Little Monkey!

Did you know that "Monkey" is the name that I call everything in my life that I love to pieces? My cat's name is Monkey and my kindergarten students are little Monkey's! And now you are the most important Monkey of all!

I read your article a fiddling band! How much fun!

Lots of love,
Auntie Natalie xoxox

Funny Face said...

Good Morning Parker,

I am really glad to see that you and Monkey have been reunited! A cuddly friend is very important to everyone. Elizabeth has Teddy who she takes everywhere...Teddy goes to the park, walks and sleeps with Elizabeth...Then every once and awhile Teddy takes a swim in the be sure to take Monkey on your walks I am sure he will really enjoy and when Monkey goes for his swims in the washer don't worry he will be back!

Have a great day Parker!


Laura, Craig and Elizabeth

Stacia said...

Hiya Parker!!!
I love your friend the monkey!!! He is CUTE but not as cute as you little man!!!
I hope you have a good day today!!!